@SmogCityBeer Announces Their First ‘Battle of the Casks’ for December 28th

My trips from West Hollywood down to Torrance have become steadily more frequent and one of the major factors is whats happening at Smog City. Its not the most convenient trip, especially when drinking beer is involved, but as long as the folks down there keep releasing exceptional beers, I’m clocking a lot of gas miles.

Recently, Smog City has really upped their game when it comes to cask conditioned ales – with them releasing a new Hoptonic cask every friday in December and announcing their first BATTLE OF THE CASKS on December 28th. I’m actually going to miss out on this one since I’ll be home in the great white north for the holidays but I hope you all attend so I can live through you vicariously.

I’m planning to do a larger preview of the event soon, but until then, here’s the important info.


From Smog City:

We’re having our first Battle of the Casks at Smog City and we need you! Porter, Laurie, Chris, Mike and Ryan designed their own cask recipes and it’s up to YOU to chose the winner!

Tapping all 5 at noon, winner will be announced at 6pm, giving the winner ample time to celebrate and gloat!

Raffle at 6pm
-Buy a full pint or a full flight of the casks and get a raffle ticket! We’ll be giving away some Smog City swag!

All Casks- Robust Porter

Cask Line-Up
*Fruit and Maple Cask
Contains Dried Orange Cranberries and Maple Syrup

*Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cask
Contains Dried PB, Chocolate Powder and Cocoa Nibs

*Mint Chocolate Cask
Contains Chocolate Powder, Cocoa Nibs, Mint Oil and Vanilla Beans

*Toasted Coconut Cask
Contains Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Beans

*Raspberry Chocolate Sticks Porter
Contains: Raspberry Purée, Freeze dried raspberries. Coco powder, Cocoa nibs, Vanilla beans

This will be at Smog City Brewing from 12pm – 8pm
1901 Del Amo Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501