Drinking On A Monday: Stone Brewing Co’s Matt’s Burning Rosids

Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays.

Stone Brewing Matt's Burning Rosids

Stone Brewing Matt’s Burning Rosids

One of the best parts of my day job is putting together crew for the production of feature films and television series. There’s an incredible amount of pride that comes with building and being responsible for a team of people that you inevitably end up caring for like a family.  With that in mind, I cannot imagine the loss that the Stone team experienced this year. Out of that experience, came this saison and ff you haven’t heard the story behind this tribute beer, please head over to Stone for more information.

Matt’s Burning Rosid’s is an imperial cherrywood smoked porter that pours clear and sparkling with a nice golden orange color and a frothy white head. There’s light farmhouse scent, with a bit of the earthiness of the smoke, but I’m not getting a huge aroma from the glass. The first sip comes with a punch of saison yeast and is immediately followed by  fruity notes of cherry and pear and perhaps a little bit of hibiscus. You get a good dose of alcohol burn just as the smoked malt aftertaste starts to linger on the back-end. A nice beer, but beyond the smoke and the alcohol, the more delicate flavors seem to take a back seat.

I’ve got a 2nd bottle that I plan to cellar for a while, hoping that the alcohol calms down and more of the lighter flavors can come through. This strikes me as a very different release for Stone, who is much better known for bigger, bolder beers. And perhaps a fitting tribute to an experience that likely shook the foundation of the brewery. There’s been a lot of exciting news coming from them so far this year, including a Session IPA and a potential DTLA location. I’m definitely looking forward to both.