Drinking On A Monday: Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14 IPA

Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays.

Time is running out on this Enjoy By IPA

Time is running out on this Enjoy By IPA

While I didn’t intend to do the same brewery two weeks in a row, especially this early into the life of this column, the very nature of this beer has forced me to, as this beer is going to ‘expire’ on Friday. Of course, a few extra days wouldn’t hurt, but to be totally honest, I love this beer and I’m a little disappointed I’ve waited this long to drink it. For anyone who isn’t aware, Stone Enjoy by IPA is a series of Double IPA releases from Stone that are all about freshness. They release the beer one month prior to its printed expiry date and by and large, it sells out weeks before the ‘freshness’ period comes to a close.

The moment I pop the cap off this bomber and breathe it in, I’m hit with an aroma that is somehow distinctly Stone. Maybe I’m crazy (and please don’t test me on this) but their distinct brand of hoppiness seems to leap out of this bottle. Piney with mango perfume. It pours a bright, crystal clear copper with a light white head that quickly subsides to a thin film. Light head retention on glass, but I’m a little surprised there’s not more form to it. The first sip is immediately quite dry before the earthy, resinous hops settle into your cheeks. There is a boozy sharpness that compliments the mango and peach flavors that quickly disappear into a second round of piney dryness.

Over the last few months we Southern Californian folk* have really been blessed with some great double IPA releases. I’ve already shared with you my love for El Segundo’s Hop Tanker, Noble Aleworks is doing incredible things with their ‘shower’ single hop series, as well as their Tongue Tickles DIPA that won the inaugural LA IPA Fest, but without fail, I get quite excited when a new Enjoy By shows up at my local Trader Joe’s. Like most things Stone does, its always reliable and worth the purchase. I sincerely hope this one stays on their release schedule for many, many years to come.

(*I’ve been in SoCal one year now, so maybe I don’t qualify yet)