Drinking On A Monday: El Segundo Brewing Two 5 Left DIPA

Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays.

El Segundo's Two 5 Left DIPA, a tropical bomb with a surprisingly bold malt backbone

El Segundo’s Two 5 Left DIPA, a tropical bomb with a surprisingly bold malt backbone

With last week’s news that El Segundo Brewing will be available at Dodger Stadium this season, its becoming clear that El Segundo are no longer the little brewery by the airport. The “Blue House” has really cemented themselves as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to West Coast IPA’s when local beer fans dubbed their Power Plant Triple IPA the ‘Pliny-killer’. I swung by El Segundo and their neighbor Rock ‘N Brews for a couple beers last week and grabbed a bottle and a pint of Two 5 Left DIPA, which was recently re-released in bottles. The pint was the perfect thirst-quencher for an abnormally hot spring day, and I immediately knew I had to feature this beer on this column.

Two 5 Left pours a deep copper color with a bright white head that is quick to settle but never fully dissapates. As it says on the bottle, the aroma is big splash of passionfruit. Its a tropical fruit bomb thats not dissimilar in the nose to last week’s pick from Bottle Logic, but the taste is something thats quite unique for a southern california double IPA. The first sip is effervescent citrus as it hits your cheeks, but the beer surprises you with a great caramel malt backbone that supports the hops throughout. There is a lingering tropical pine finish with that caramel flavor holding strong to the top of your mouth. The malt gives this DIPA slightly more body than other West Cost DIPA’s and I’m thankful for that. This isn’t just a slight variation of Hoptanker, Two 5 Left very much stands alone at ESBC as well as in the SoCal craft scene.

Where I’m from in Toronto, we tend to get IPA’s that are neither West Coast nor English. They are dry-hopped the same way American IPA’s are, but Ontario brewers aren’t shy with their malts either. El Segundo does two things with Two 5 Left – they first remind me of home by showcasing a bit bolder malt flavor, but they also impress me with a confidence that I hope my hometown breweries some day can achieve. Make sure you pick one of these up before they disappear.