Grow (h)OP: First Sign of Burrs!

growHop I was starting to think my next post in this column wouldn’t be for a few months and the hop plants are mostly doing the same thing right now. They are growing like monsters of course, and every week I have to lower the trellis a bit more on each plant, but there’s hasn’t been many exciting updates to post. The saaz vine seems to be slowing down a bit, and the 2 vines on the Chinook are picking up speed. Its still exciting to see the growth, but disappointing that there isn’t much to share on the blog.


Grow (h)Op: First Hop Burs

This little guy will become a flower first, then a hop cone!

That is, until this morning! I’m about to head down to San Diego for a couple days and as I was doing a final check of my garden before I leave, I found burrs on the Saaz plant!

Hop burs are the flower that will eventually mature into the hop cone. I’m incredibly pumped to see that this process is starting already, and can’t wait to come back on Sunday and see all the growth that’ll happen while I’m gone!