Drinking On A Monday: Prairie Artisan Ales Birra

Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays.

Prairie Artisan Ales Birra

A session beer that packs a whole lot of flavor

Last week I changed things up a bit with the new Stone Sprocketbier, but I really intended to spend most of the spring focusing on lighter farmhouse ales, particularly saisons. After looking at Denver’s big farmhouse brewery, Crooked Stave, and the new offerings from Socal’s juggernauts Stone and Firestone Walker, I thought I would go for another area of the country entirely and check out Oklahoma’s Prairie Artisan Ales. This brewery had been recommended to me for months by a friend, and I finally was able to grab a bunch of bottles from them while visiting Bottlecraft in San Diego.

Saisons’ can often fall into two categories: 1) Big bready yeast bombs and 2) Oak-aged funk explosions. I’m actually a fan of both but there’s some days you just want something you can sit back and sip on – and maybe go back for more than one. That’s what Prairie Artisan Ales’ Birra is to me – an infinitely drinkable session beer that I wish I could stock my fridge with cases of.

Birra’s aroma is full of fruity esters, biscuit and white pepper. There’s a hint of banana thats not quite hefe in its banana qualities, but its there, lingering in the background. showing off the belgian yeast. It pours a cloudy orange with a beautiful frothy white head that retains its shape nicely and leaves great lacing around the glass. The sip starts with a nice dryness that hints at citrus but never goes the full way there, while the grassy hops cling to the back of your throat. The medium carbonation really accentuates the dry breadiness of the yeast and thats followed by a wonderful peppery finish on the tongue. This one is medium-bodied; thicker than Stone Saison, but the carbonation is quite strong so it keeps it refreshing and light.

This is quite honestly one of my favorite saisons available and, if I could, I would buy cases of it as it would be my go-to beer all summer long. At only 4.2% it has an incredibly layered flavor profiles that evolves throughout your palate and kind of just gives you everything you want. Buy this. Drink This. You will not be sorry.