Drinking On A Monday: Bottle Logic Brewing’s Tattered Prince Saison

Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays.

Tattered Prince

Does it get much better than Bottle Logic’s bottle design?

Since starting this blog there’s a few things about site traffic that have really gotten my attention. Firstly – both my preview and recap of Firkfest did gangbusters in terms of hits. Second – people love Bottle Logic. Sure, they love other breweries as well (Stone always get a lot of hits), but for a brewery as new as our friends in Anaheim, they have a lot of dedicated fans. My review of their Double Actuator IPA has consistently been one of the top visited pages on this site, and its with good reason – they make great beer. I’m always excited to grab a new release from them, and a recent trip to Select Beer Store allowed me to pick up their saison, which fits nicely into the string of saison reviews I’ve been doing on the site.

Tattered Prince pours a hazy gold, with a bright white bubbly head. It settles with intricate lacing to a thin film on top of the beer. The nose on this is a lot of clove and a touch of banana. The banana notes hints at more tropical goodness, but aren’t as big as what you would see in a Hefe. The sweetness of the tropical aromas are cut a bit by some nice ginger and lemon peel. With the first sip I’m hit with a pretty clean palate of citrus and banana off the bat. That initial cleanliness evolves into a more traditional bready saison flavor as the yeast develops on your palate. The aftertaste is all the spices listed on the bottle: orange peel, coriander and a perfect zing of ginger across the tongue. It’s medium bodied and gently carbonated, which is odd as the bubbles on the pour make it seem like it would be more effervescent. Its astonishingly refreshing.

This is a saison that sits somewhere between Firestone’s Opal and something more rustic like Logsdon’s Seizoen or some of the Prairie Ales. There’s a complex, clean west coast quality to the flavor profile but its still got that bready yeast character that grounds it in a classic saison style. Another winner for Bottle Logic!