3 Reasons to Attend Board Beer Geek Tavern

Board Beer Geek TavernThere’s a really common opinion of Los Angeles about it being one of the more lonely cities in the country. While I can see why people think that, I’m of the belief that a city is what you make of it and there are tons of opportunities in Los Angeles to meet new people and experience new things. With that spirit in mind, I propose that you consider attending Board Beer Geek Tavern, this Saturday July 12th at Story Tavern in Burbank. Why you ask? Well, I’ll give you three reasons.

1) Table-Top Games
Think table-top games are for nerds? Of course you don’t. That would be a silly antiquated attitude that belongs in the 80’s. In fact, I have mentioned this event to several people in passing over the last few weeks and each time someone stops me and demands to know where they can get more details. Its not just men either, both my wife and my sister’s eye’s light up at the mention of Settlers of Catan. BBGT features a number of game options and also offers the opportunity to try new games from publishers like AEG, Playroom Entertainment, and The Gamesmith. Plus there will be opportunities to win (or purchase) a copy of your favorite game to take home. Not to mention that these games require actual human interaction, which is something that is sadly missing from the daily lives of many Angelenos.

2) Story Tavern (The venue!)
Have you been to Story Tavern? For whatever reason, Los Angeles doesn’t have a lot of pubs – there’s lots of ‘gastro’pubs – but very few traditional, quaint, totally awesome British style pubs. And even as far as pubs go, Story Tavern is kind of up there with the best of them. This place features a constantly great craft beer (and cider!) list, and features two beers engines serving cask ales (more on that later). They also have a fantastic food menu with vegetarian and gluten-free options. The pub is a relaxed, casual atmosphere that features a patio, a game room (shuffleboard anyone?) and live music most nights of the week. There’s really no other place like it in LA.

3) Cask Ale (and other great beers!)
Board Beer Geek Tavern is all about table top games and craft beer, and considering the event is hosted by Kip from LA Aleworks and Josh from LA Beer Blog, they have the craft beer end of things more than covered. For the event this saturday they will be tapping casks of LA Aleworks’ Lievre Saison with kumquats and lemoncito, as well as Eagle Rock’s Mugwort Brown ale.

The Lievre saison from LA Aleworks has been popping up around town over the last week and word on the street is its pretty fantastic, which we’ve come to expect from the brewery. I’m consistently impressed with both the conditioning and the flavor profiles coming out of casks from Kip and John, so this one will surely not disappoint. On top of that, the standard Lievre saison will also be available on the regular taps as well, so you can compare the keg and cask versions at the event! (I’m assuming I’m not the only person that gets excited about that prospect).

Eagle Rock’s Mugwort Brown Ale is based on a hoppy brown ale that Eagle Rock is just in the process of releasing, but the cask additions are something you don’t see very often. This cask is going to feature mugwort, which is an gruit herb that would have been used instead of hops in ancient beer recipes. Fans of the site might recall that I’m a big fan of gruits, so this one is pretty exciting to me.

Still not convinced? Well then I ask you to do the following: grab a 20-sided dice and give it a roll. Roll a 1-10, come to Board Beer Geek Tavern, roll 11-20, still come to Board Beer Geek Tavern. If you don’t have a 20-sided dice, come to Board Beer Geek Tavern and someone might have one for you.

Board Beer Geek Tavern happens at Story Tavern in Burbank on Saturday July 12th starting at 12 noon.

Tickets are available here.