Smog City’s ‘Battle Of The Casks’ Is Back for Round Three

battleofothecasksSmog City’s Battle of the Casks is back this Saturday where they will tap 7 versions of their Grape Ape IPA, each brewed by a different staff member, to compete for cask supremacy.

Grape Ape IPA requires a little bit of an explanation. Over the last year, Smog City has been experimenting with fermenting wine grape juice with their IPA’s, creating very interesting and new flavor profiles in a style that, these days, is rarely surprising. This batch is actually a combination of two grapes – semillon and chardonnay – both of which the brewery has used in separate, single grape batches. I’m a huge fan of this series, and can’t wait to try the latest batch (which will also be available on tap).

The featured casks include the following additions:

#1 – White Peach, Mango, Ginger, Belma & Mosaic Hops

#2 – Grapefruit Zest & Thyme

#3 – Concord Grape Juice, Mosaic & Amarillo Hops

#4 – Kefir Lime Leaf & Thai Basil, Topaz & Mosaic Hops

#5 – Guava, Passion Fruit, Orange Zest, Mosaic Hops

#6 – Apricot, Topaz & Cashmere Hops

#7 – Peach, Orange, Corriander, Amarillo Hops

It always interesting to see how these additions ferment, and with the base beer already having an interesting twist on a classic style, its definitely going to be a workout for your tastebuds.

Smog City’s Battle of the Casks III takes place on Saturday July 12th and begins at 12pm. The winner will be announced at 5.