What’s On Cask? (9/2/14)

whatsoncaskOn Tap Now:

* Tony’s Darts Away (Burbank) –  Macleod Ale Tap Takeover – The Kings Taxes w/ Oak, The Kings Taxes, The Session Gap (cask)

Blue Palms Brewhouse (Hollywood) – New Belgium Rampant w/ Centennial

Barrelhouse 101 (Ventura) – Island Brewing Belgian IPA

Ladyface Ale Companie (Agoura Hills) –  Caskin Robbins

The Med (Hermosa Beach) – Epic Brewing 825 Stout w/ Cocoa Nibs

The Daily Pint (Santa Monica) – Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA | Stone Go To IPA w/ Amarillo | Stone Levitation Amber w/Hibiscus Powder | Stone Ruination w/ White Ash

*Tapped Today

On Deck:

(9/3/14) Ladyface Ale Companie (Agoura Hills) –  Cask Night TBD

(9/3/14) Macleod Ale (Van Nuys) – The Little Spree (Yorkshire Pale), The Kings Taxes (Scottish 60/-), Session Gap Bitter, Jackie Tar Brown Stout, The Crisis (Pale Ale)

(9/4/14) Angel City Brewing (DTLA) – Mystery Cask Night

(9/4/14) Karl Strauss Brew Pubs (Universal City Walk) – Tower 10 IPA w/ Rosemary

(9/5/14) Hangar 24 Brewing Craft Brewery (Redlands) –  Twin Engine Cask Night TBD

(9/5/14) Absolution Brewing (Torrance) – Cask Night TBD

(9/5/14)  Story Tavern (Burbank) – Eagle Rock Brewing Cask Night TBD

(9/6/14) King Harbor Brewing (Redondo Beach) – Cask TBD

(9/11/14) Karl Strauss Brew Pubs (Universal City Walk) – Big Barrel Double IPA w/New Mexico Green Chilies

(9/21/14) Cask Force! @ Beachwood BBQ & Brewing (Long Beach) – Udder Love Milk Stout with Coconut, Cacao, and Vanilla Bean | Full Malted Jacket Scotch Ale with Scotch Oak | Amalgamator IPA | TWO variations of our Beachwood / Drakes IPA Collaboration (TBD)