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Monthly archives: July, 2015

CaskAleLA On The Road: Oregon Roadtrip


Oregon is a deceptively large state. Its so big that when taking a roadtrip with your wife hellbent on seeing as much of the state as possible, you will likely be in a car for a very, very long time. Things are really far apart and due to the existence of things like mountains, you are rarely able to take the most direct route between point A and point B; you are ALWAYS going around. So its a good thing

Grow (h)OP: Year Two Is Underway!

grow Hop

Alright, alright, year two of hop growing started a couple of months ago, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to write about my progress thus far. The good news is, my second year Chinook plant is doing exceptionally well and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll see a decent crop of cones come harvest season. Even better, is that a lot of the changes I made to my growing set up seem

Canada Day with Canadian Craft

2015-07-01 21.12.53

As a Canadian expat, I get annoyed every year when all the other Canadians in LA scramble to get some random Molson or Labatt product to celebrate our country’s birthday. The reality is that Labatt and Molson are owned by international conglomerates, and are barely more Canadian at this point than Budweiser or Stella Artois. So to celebrate Canada Day in Los Angeles this year I opened up my beer cellar and pulled out a