TAVOUR – The Future Of Beer Mail

Atavour few months ago I was scrolling through Facebook when an ad appeared in my feed for TAVOUR, claiming to be provide ‘Worlds Best To Your Doorstep.” Having toyed with “beer of the month” clubs before I was a little skeptical, but after looking into it, Tavour seemed to be a bit different.

Tavour is entirely location-based – meaning you mostly only get offers for beers that aren’t available in your distribution area. Each day, Tavour will send you an email/app-alert letting you know of new beers they have in stock and available to you. If you want the beer, you choose the quantity (which is usually capped) and Tavour opens a ‘crate’ for you, allowing you to fill it over the course of a month so that orders can be grouped to save on shipping costs.

After signing up I started to get emails from the company and alerts in the app letting me know which beers were available. The line-up from the beginning was pretty great – Darkness Brewing, Pfriem & 8 Wired among countless others. Unfortunately for me, my introduction to Tavour also corresponded with a serious lack of funds for beer stockpiling, so it took me a little while to commit to my first order.

But one afternoon I got a Tavour e-mail with the subject “PseudoSue and More: Toppling Goliath is Here” and immediately placed an order. This offer was a bit different than usual though. The folks at Tavour worked directly with Toppling Goliath to put together a 15-can mix pack featuring 5 x 16oz cans each of their uber-popular PseudoSue, their single-hopped IPA Golden Nugget and their Dorothy’s New World Lager. The entire box was $75 with shipping included, which might seem a bit steep for many people, but that’s kind of what you are dealing with when shipping beer from all over the country.

My order was placed on May 24th and I received the box on June 7th. That’s a full two weeks of processing and shipping; not ideal for perishable hoppy beers, but still within reason as far as I’m concerned. The 16oz cans were all date-stamped – PseudoSue was canned April 27th (6 weeks old upon receipt), Golden Nugget was packaged May 9th (4 weeks old upon receipt), and Dorothy’s New World Lager was canned April 12th (8 weeks old upon receipt). While all of these cans were certainly within their drink-by dates, I would have preferred a slightly more fresh PseudoSue, as I’m not likely to drink all 5 cans within a few weeks of receipt. However – taste is all that matters and all three beers tasted good upon opening and I’m quite overall happy with the purchase. (I should also mention that these are all 16oz cans of Toppling Goliath, which means they are contract brewed through BrewHub in Lakefield FL).

One of my biggest problems with ‘beer-of-the-month clubs’ and certain brewery memberships is committing to beers –  sight-unseen – that I may have no interest in getting/paying a premium for. A service like Tavour gives the customer the control over what and how much they order and does so in a seamless, user-friendly way. I’ll definitely order from them again, and definitely recommend the service to others.

If you haven’t signed up for Tavour yet, please use my referral code link (https://www.tavour.com/?invitedby=76918) and we’ll both receive $10 in credit after you put in your first order.