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Four Brewers Live From Firkfest!

Firkfest 2015 happened this weekend and if you are paying attention to twitter at all right now, you’ll know it was a huge hit. Four Brewers hosted a live podcast from the fest, which I was honored to be a part of. Check out the stream above via YouTube and subscribe to future episodes of the show. Subscribe to the show: RSS iTunes Stitcher

State Of The Firkin

Cask Days 658

In the last twelve months, the Los Angeles beer community has come a long way with cask-conditioned ales. We’ve seen two cask ale festivals (Firkfest and Figueroa Mountain’s Real Ale Invitational), the opening of a cask-focused taproom with Macleod Ale, and multiple breweries around town holding regular cask events. Back in November, CaskAleLA.com turned one year old and while I’m both excited and proud of the growth we have seen since we began, I thought I

Shameless Self Promotion: BeerPaperLA

Since starting this blog in November, its been a pleasure to become a part of the Los Angeles beer scene, and meet such great people that are united by a common interest. In February, John Verive from beeroftomorrow.com and the LA Times asked me to contribute a sidebar to his BeerPaperLA article abour cask ale in Los Angeles. Well, that article is out and I’m very proud to be part of this latest issue. Please

5 Reasons to Drink Cask Ale

I dream of a day that I can walk into any beer bar in Los Angeles (or anywhere, really) and ask my favorite 3-word phrase: “What’s on cask?” But that day won’t come until more people demand casks from their local watering holes. Casks aren’t cheap and they don’t have much of a shelf life, so if people aren’t drinking them quickly, bars aren’t going to stock them. Need further convincing? Here’s 5 reasons:

All About Cask Conditioned Beer – Menuism Dining Blog

Link: All About Cask Conditioned Beer – Menuism Dining Blog Cask conditioned beer, or cask ale, is beer that is both conditioned in and served from a cask. Live yeast continues to add complexity, new flavors, and new aromas to a beer. While doing some googling, I came across Beer Of Tomorrow’s primer on Cask Ales, which referenced this great blog from Menuism – that even references my old employer, BarVolo!