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Category: Grow hOP

Grow (h)OP: Year Two Is Underway!

grow Hop

Alright, alright, year two of hop growing started a couple of months ago, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to write about my progress thus far. The good news is, my second year Chinook plant is doing exceptionally well and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll see a decent crop of cones come harvest season. Even better, is that a lot of the changes I made to my growing set up seem

Grow (h)OP: Harvest Season

grow Hop

In the two months since my last Grow (h)OP post, my chinook plant has done incredibly well growth wise. Lateral bines continued to sprout from the main ones, and the hop cones kept popping up in bunches all around the top of my trellis. As harvest season neared however I realized I was going to his a harvest time crunch. First of all, the hop cones were starting to dry out which meant I needed

Grow (h)Op: This Might Work After All

Its been a while since I’ve updated the internet on my hop growing endeavor and at first that was because I had given up on it. The saaz plant very quickly became overwhelmed by spider mites and it wasn’t long before most of the leaves were crispy and brown. I tried everything I could but I think it was just too late. So a few weeks after my last update I chopped down my saaz

Grow (h)Op: Saaz Has Seen Better Days, Chinook Pushing Through

Bad news: pests have become a serious problem in my patio garden. A few weeks ago an aphid infestation literally destroyed a dill plant in about 36 hours, and since then my Saaz plant has become overwhelmed by what I believe are spider mites. But before I get into that, I should back up for a moment. My last post in this series was all about the excitement of getting full hop cones on the

Grow (h)OP: Saaz Cones & White Flies

As of today these hops plants have been in the ground for two full months and I’m incredibly proud, surprised and excited to say that the Saaz plant has full hop cones. Some are already almost an inch in length and hopefully will continue blooming for the next few months. From what I understand, this is still amazingly early to have cones appear, as they usually pop up mid-summer. We’ll see how these plants do