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Category: Homebrew

Macleod Previews Their Special Firkfest Collaborations

Macleod Pilot System

Last year at Firkfest I was handing out flyers promoting this site and some dude with a weird brown vest approached me and asked if I was with CaskAleLA. I laughed as I normally do towards that question and confirmed that not only was I with CaskAleLA, I was CaskAleLA. That weird vest has since become a bit of a trademark in the LA beer community as belonging to Andy Black, brewer for the soon-to-be-opened

Homebrew – Champagne Cider vs. Farmhouse Cider

Homebrew Cider

This past weekend me, my wife and some friends took a trip up to Oak Glen in San Bernardino County to pick up some unfiltered, fresh pressed apples to make some homebrew hard cider. As I’ve mentioned before, my wife has developed a bit of a gluten-sensitivity so beer is out of the question. Luckily, cider has always been her preferred drink anyway, so we’ve been planning to start fermenting cider ourselves and with apple