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Canada Day with Canadian Craft

2015-07-01 21.12.53

As a Canadian expat, I get annoyed every year when all the other Canadians in LA scramble to get some random Molson or Labatt product to celebrate our country’s birthday. The reality is that Labatt and Molson are owned by international conglomerates, and are barely more Canadian at this point than Budweiser or Stella Artois. So to celebrate Canada Day in Los Angeles this year I opened up my beer cellar and pulled out a

5 Ontario Casks I’m Not Missing at Cask Days 2014

Cask Days

When BlogTO posted their preview of Cask Days, I went on record saying that the last thing I want is to have the California Brewery Feature overshadow the great Ontario beers that are pouring at the festival. I realize that the BlogTO article wasn’t pumping up California beer over Ontario – Ben Johnson is clearly a huge proponent of this community – but the Ontario craft scene is what I cut my teeth on –


Many people have that one brewery that they are complete fanboys for. Stone, Lagunitas, Firestone, Dogfishhead all have their armies of loyal followers but for me, its Beau’s All Natural Brewery out of Vankleek Hill Ontario Canada. But if you live outside of Ontario, its not likely that you have heard (or tasted) much from them, but that should  change soon as  they have recently announced that they will be exporting a number of their