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The California Guide to Cask Days 2015


Last year’s Cask Days festival was a real honor for me. Bar Volo and Cask Days are both very important pieces of my craft beer education and it was great to finally be able to connect my home city with my adoptive State of California. We made history by serving casks from craft legends like Stone, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas and Ballast Point for the first time in Ontario and in some cases, the first time

A Year In Beer: 2014 via Instagram

A Year In Beer

The end of the year calls for a lot of ‘best of’ lists and reflection on the previous twelve months. While considering what kind of content I was going to post on CaskAleLA to commemorate 2014 I went through my instagram feed as a way to remind myself of the year and realized that those photos are simply the best and most honest way to reflect on 2014. I’ve broken down the year month by month and chosen an

5 Ontario Casks I’m Not Missing at Cask Days 2014

Cask Days

When BlogTO posted their preview of Cask Days, I went on record saying that the last thing I want is to have the California Brewery Feature overshadow the great Ontario beers that are pouring at the festival. I realize that the BlogTO article wasn’t pumping up California beer over Ontario – Ben Johnson is clearly a huge proponent of this community – but the Ontario craft scene is what I cut my teeth on –

5 California Casks Not To Miss at Cask Days 2014

Cask Days

Going to a big beer festival can be both stressful and overwhelming. You only have so much time and, if you are going to a good festival, the beer selection should offer you more options than you could possibly drink. With over 300 beers available (have you seen this list?), Cask Days certainly falls into this category. But because I’m the person organizing the California brewery feature, I have the unique opportunity to have tasted

California Brewery Feature at Cask Days 2014, presented by CaskAleLA

Cask Days

Since starting this site in November 2013, my conversations about cask ale have inevitably led the mention of Cask Days, an all-cask festival in Toronto that is currently in its 10th year. Its a really fantastic festival that features hundred of cask ales from breweries all over Canada and its a big part of how I grew to love cask-conditioned ales in the first place. If you have been following my twitter and instagram lately,