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Grow (h)OP: Year Two Is Underway!

grow Hop

Alright, alright, year two of hop growing started a couple of months ago, but I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to write about my progress thus far. The good news is, my second year Chinook plant is doing exceptionally well and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll see a decent crop of cones come harvest season. Even better, is that a lot of the changes I made to my growing set up seem

Grow (h)OP – Urban Hop Growing (Part 2)

With my last update, we were about a week into my hop growing adventure and these plants for sprouting fast and furious. By one week in the hop bines on both the chinook and saaz plants were not just poking their way out, they were already small plants, with foliage building up around them. Its exciting to see something grow that quickly right in front of you, and even weeks later, these plants show no

Grow (h)OP: Urban Hop Growing (Part 1)

I started a patio garden in a very accidental way. My neighbor has done unbelievable things with the small enclosed patio and alleyway beside our building, growing green beans, corn, grapes, carrots and just about everything else you can imagine in pots mounted to the walls of the building. My girlfriend, jealous of his ‘magical forest’, decided that we should start one too. She bought a number of herbs and a few vegetables and planted