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El Segundo Brewing Gets Real (Ale) For Firkfest


When El Segundo announced that they had hired Andy Black as a brewer, I think a big segment of the local industry was confused. After all, El Segundo is a brewery built on explosive west coast hop character and Andy is the guy who had a significant hand in building the core lineup for British ale-focused brewery Macleod Ales. On the surface, this is a weird pairing for sure. Whether on purpose or by accident,

5 Casks Not To Miss at Firkfest 2015

Cask Pyramid

To this very day, last year’s preview of Firkfest is one of the highest viewed posts on this site. It was a bit surprising to me at the time. After all, its really just me choosing three casks from the list and telling my readers that they should drink that beer, but you guys clearly wanted that kind of info going into the festival. I’ve since used the same kind of post for my previews

Firkfest Returns and You Don’t Want To Miss It


At 2pm on November 8th, 2013 I created @CaskAleLA on twitter, and within 45 minutes I received the following message from some dude called @OCbeerblog: @CaskAleLA follow my other account: @Firkfest. Planning a cask ale fest 4/14. — OC Beer Blog (@OCBeerBlog) November 8, 2013 At the time I was fairly new to the Los Angeles beer community and didn’t know Greg Nagel (OCBeerBlog) or how long this whole @CaskAleLA thing would last for. But

A Glimpse at Next Saturday’s FirkFest

With only one week to go until Firkfest in Anaheim, I think its safe to say most of us in the LA and OC beer communities are absolutely buzzing with excitement for this event. While host Greg Nagel of OCBeerblog has been pretty tight with the details thus far, it pays to be in the cask business (not really, I do this for free). But I did get to glimpse the cask list for the