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Tag: South Bay

King Harbor Turns Two, Gives You A Big Swirly


I drank a lot of beer at Firkfest a few weeks ago. As always, it was a fantastic event and somehow I enjoyed myself so much that I didn’t stop by the King Harbor Brewing booth until towards the end of the session. It was a big mistake on my part too, as their Coconut-infused Swirly cask ended up being one of the highlights of the festival. It was perfectly conditioned and surprisingly balanced for

Monkish Quietly Releases a Rare Bird and an Old Favorite

Rara Avis

If you caught the recent profile of Monkish founder Henry Nguyen in LA Weekly, you get a pretty fantastic picture of how the brewer approaches his business. Henry is a very low-key personality shying away from crowded festivals and has a distaste for marketing and promotion. In many ways it seems that Nguyen would prefer to stay below the radar rather than compete with the staggering expectations that popular breweries have to face. So it should come

Drinking On A Monday: Smog City’s (Groundwork) Coffee Porter

 Drinking on a Monday is a short column where I share that one bottle that I open after the most dreadful of all weekdays. There’s a lot of beers I would love to feature in this column but simply can’t. As a site that is mostly focused around cask ale, I purposely created this specific monday feature as a way to focus on things that don’t come in a firkin; things that you can enjoy