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What’s On Cask? (8/15/14)

On Tap Now: * Bottle Logic Brewing (Anaheim) – Hanamachi Rice Lager w/ fresh ginger, grapefruit & Sorachi Ace * Cismontane Brewing Co. (Rancho Santa Margarita) – Pandion Pale w/ Apricot Black Tea & Simcoe * Story Tavern (Burbank) – Eagle Rock Brewing Populist w/ Saphir hops * Hangar 24 Brewing Craft Brewery (Redlands) –  Oktoberfest w/ oak chips & maple syrup * Absolution Brewing (Torrance) –  The Rector IPA *  Eagle Rock Lounge (Eagle Rock) – Macleod Ale  The Little Spree (Yorkshire Pale) * The Hanger

What’s On Cask? (7/11/14)

On Tap Now: * Hangar 24 Brewing Craft Brewery (Redlands) –  Orange Wheat w/ Cherries * Absolution Brewing (Torrance) –  Trespasser Wit Saison w/ Orange and Mosaic Hops & Trespasser Wit Saison w/ Strawberry * The Hangar @ Whole Foods Jamboree (Tustin) – Stone Ruination w/ 15 different hops * Surf Brewery (Ventura) – Wahine Wheat w/ fruit, centennial & amarillo * IE Brewing Co (Riverside) – Double Dry-Hopped IPA Karl Strauss Brew Pubs (All Locations) – Jalapeno Tower 20 IIPA The

What’s On Cask? (6/20/14)

On Tap Now: * Eagle Rock Brewing (Glendale) – Sour Joe (Sour w/ Portola Coffee) * Story Tavern (Burbank) – Eagle Rock Brewing Populist IPA w/Sylva Hops *  Hangar 24 Brewing Craft Brewery (Redlands) – Columbus IPA w/ Red Apples & Cinnamon * The Hangar at Whole Foods Jamboree (Tustin) – Stone IPA w/ Moroccan Mint Tea * Surf Brewery (Ventura) – Wahine Wheat w/Goldings * Noble Aleworks (Anaheim) – Mariah’s Fantasy  (New Edition Brown w/Vanilla & Cloves) The Bruery (Placentia) – Berazzled w/ Lemon Zest &

What’s On Cask? (6/13/14)

On Tap Now: * Noble Aleworks (Anaheim) – El Dorado Showers w/ tangerine zest * Beachwood Brewing & BBQ (Long Beach) – Beachwood Thrillseeker IPA w/ Chinook *The Hangar at Whole Foods Jamboree (Tustin) – Valiant Brewing Ol’ Switcharoo Imperial Black IPA w/ Coffee Beans and Cocoa Puffs! * Story Tavern (Burbank) – Eagle Rock Brewing “Kuato” a blend of Revolution XPA & Populist IPA w/ Kumquats * Hangar 24 Brewing Craft Brewery (Redlands) – Belgian Summer Ale w/ blueberries Bravery Brewing (Lancaster) – Allegiance IPA w/ Chinook

CaskAleLA On The Road: Las Vegas NV

There’s a lot of craft beer in the world and sometimes I leave the comforts of Los Angeles to find it. My beer adventures are documented here. Vegas isn’t particularly known for craft beer and it is one of the few major cities that is behind the curve in terms of building its own beer community. Its really unfortunate considering the sheer amount of bars that are in the city of Vegas, and I’m sure